Best Kayak for Dogs – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best kayak for dogs

Best kayak for dogs

Introducing Your Dog to a Kayak

With any new experience, you want to ensure the first trips are a pleasant experience, so avoid overwhelming your dog’s senses.

Before taking your dog on the water, it’s advisable to train him to get comfortable in the kayak first so he can explore the area while you’re still on land.

Start your puppy out on calm, shallow water where he can become acclimated to the environment before you venture out too far.

Start out by taking short trips and steadily work your way up to longer trips.

Before heading outside, it would be wise to teach your pet some basic swimming tricks.

Most dogs are born swimmers, but others aren’t gifted at staying afloat. Before you head out into open water, check to see if you can swim.

Best Kayaks For Dogs – Top Rated Dog Friendly Kayaks

Kayaking with your dog is a great way to get exercise while having fun. A dog is the perfect companion on a kayak trip because they enjoy getting wet, have little gear requirements, and have low weight.

But first, do everything you can to ensure that you and your partner are safe and comfortable, so you don’t have to go. To guarantee a comfortable kayaking experience, you should begin by making sure your kayak is tailored to meet your needsand those of your dog .

To do this, the kayak must be able to support your weight while also ensuring that both you and your traveling companion will be comfortable over the course of the journey. We created a list of the best kayaks for taking your dog with you.

1. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

To ensure that you and your pet have enough time to explore the sea, make sure you take the Malibu Two kayak out with you. This high-quality option is both comfortable and sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s sharp claws.


For an aquatic experience with your special someone or dog friend, make sure to enjoy the sunny waves on the three seating options offered by the kayak.

The Comfort Plus seats come with four-way adjustability, which offers a more personalized fit…

The foot wells at the center overlap and can be used to stabilize the legs while seated.

Getting on and off is a snap with the sit-on-top kayak’s open hull, and it includes molded-in handholds for stability.

This ship measures over three feet wide and nearly 13 feet long, and it can hold up to 500 pounds of human and canine freight.

The seats are removable and adjustable, with the molded footrests providing plenty of legroom for passengers.

This kayak comes with straps to hold various items, like supplies and paddles, and is equipped with handles for easier transportation on land.

This design is available in either of the colors Green or Sunrise, though the colors differ only in name and not in design.


With a hull that can withstand heavy-weather seas and a self-bailing design, this boat is perfect for leisurely floats in calm lakes and more adventurous journeys. The seats are sturdy and can be arranged to fit your pet.


To improve portability, this kayak is a bit heavier and thus tougher to move around on land. Customers believe it can still be lifted by one person, but this vessel may make coordinating dog handling difficult.

2. Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak

For a fun and easy way to go out on the water, consider the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak, which is great for beginner and intermediate kayakers.


With the addition of the two AB30 paddles and two inflatable and removable seats, the SE330 Sport Kayak has everything a kayaker could need.

Spray skirts with storage for small items on the ground that are anchored.

A 5-inch long, one-way valve is fitted to the drain plug to ensure easy, closed and open operations.

This kayak has a weight of only 26 pounds and a weight capacity of 500 pounds, which makes it easy to transport. It’s best to get in the water quickly and inflate the raft with a pump rather than let it sit while you wait for it to rise.

This kayak includes two paddles, a foot-pump-assisted pump, repair tools, and a carrying case.

In addition to the two inflatable seats, it is possible to remove them to make more room for your pet. Class 3 rapids (of 6 classes) are the rating of the manufacturer’s website.


This kayak is ideal for taking on road trips because it is light, easy to carry, and simple to put away. Don’t be bothered with having to set up your kayak every time you want to use it. Just deflate it and store it in the bag! We also enjoy the two double-ended paddles on the kayak.


A lot of people were upset with this kayak’s inability to handle rougher water and felt that it’s not as strong as other kayaks with hard shells. There is also significant controversy over the foot pump, as many find it unable to adequately inflate the boat.

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Take your best friend for a leisurely paddle down a lazy river on the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. This low-cost water adventure option is perfect for relaxing trips with your dog.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak with Oars, Aluminum Oars, and Intex Explorer K2


Everyone will appreciate the added comfort. The cockpit of Kayak includes an inflatable seat with a backrest;

dimensions: 10 feet, 3 inches long, 3 feet, 3 inches wide, and 1 foot, 8 inches tall; weight capacity: 400 pounds

It’s easy to take out the SKEG if there’s any directional drift.

Yellow coloring provides better visibility in an emergency.

This boat can handle 400 pounds of weight, is about 10 feet long, and about 2 feet wide.

This inflatable kayak has movable seats.

Additional stability and tracking are obtained with the addition of a skeg, or fin (keeping a straight course on the water).

This kayak comes with everything you need to get started.

This kayak is a steal due to its low price, which is just a small fraction of the other kayaks we researched.

Customers claim that the material isn’t as strong as the competition’s. You should keep away from choppy waters and debris, as the product description notes that it isn’t appropriate for rougher environments.

4. SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS 10-Foot

A SUNDOLPHIN Kayak is a fun and reliable way to get around with your dog and relax in a boat.

People looking to personalize their homes with pet-related additions will really appreciate this.


They enjoy a huge increase in benefits.

The P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier) provides additional storage.

Seating is comfortable and secure, complete with thigh pads.

A ‘yak measuring 10 feet in length with an open cockpit is 46 pounds in weight. You’ll both have loads of room with just one seat since it will give you room to stretch your legs and it will provide plenty of space for your pet.

Additional optional features, such as those reserved for more expensive models, are included in the Bali SS. Your entire storage compartment has paddle keepers, a closed, padded thigh, and gear compartments, all included.

It’s certainly true that one of the Bali’s storage compartments is able to float, and as a result, you are able to remove it and drag it behind you in the water. More space for your dog can be achieved.

With choices such as Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, and Orange, the SUNDOPHIN Bali is a very popular model.

Among kayaks in this price range, this is one of the most impressive out there. There is even space on the boat for a kayak dog platform. Even with all of the additional space you need, you’ll have room to spare!

If you’re big and have a dog, this kayak may not be a good fit for you, because it can only hold 250 pounds of weight.

5. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak has an internal structure, which gives it a sturdy foundation but also allows it to inflate with ease like an inflatable kayak. This type of boat is excellent for doing anything you want to, including fishing, exploring, or just going out for a drive with your dog.

How To Choose The Best Kayak For You And Your Dog

There are several different kinds of kayaks to choose from, and to ensure a good fit, you need to select one that can hold you, your gear, and your dog and any extras that your dog may need.

When you’re seeking a kayak to take your dog out in, start by inquiring about various things. With the help of this, you’ll have an easier time picking out the options you want:

Is paddling your dog around small lakes or kayaking more enjoyable to you? Do you prefer flat, calm water, or is it more your style to challenge yourself with ocean conditions?

Are you up for getting a little bit wet or going out of your comfort zone and swimming in cold water?

Are you on the hunt for a kayak that responds quickly or is more rigid and won’t tip over when you’re out on the water? This is a very important question to ask if you have a big dog.

Types Of Kayaks That Accommodate Dogs

kayaks with two seats, one inside and one on top SOTs are considered the most user-friendly, because they are easy to get in and out of and are stable. This will help dogs that can easily climb into position significantly.

The design of sit-on-top kayaks makes them self-bailing, so water drains out of the vessel through holes. Nevertheless, you will probably get wet as a result of this.

Kayaks that you sit inside are best when it’s cool because they keep you and your pet dry. These kayaks are trickier for non-skilled dogs to enter and exit.

Because they are stable and enclosed, recreational kayaks are a great option for people who bring their dogs along (with the exception of the cockpit).

Nevertheless, those who prefer to ride around inside the hulls are better suited for these kayaks. Your dog will have his own seat, though, if you purchase a tandem kayak.

In certain situations, a tandem kayak is the better option because it gives your dog more room.

Air-filled kayaks are good for fair-weather kayakers because they’re easy to transport and store.

As a result of being easily stored in the house, inflatable kayaks are preferred by many dog owners since this familiarity reduces their dog’s anxiety when they encounter something unfamiliar or out of place.

While inflatable kayaks are extremely durable, they are not suited for rough waters or winds.

Can You Take Your Dog on a Kayak?

Your dog is likely to have as much fun as you do on kayaking expeditions. It’s safe to assume that your dog will like spending time with you, as most dogs enjoy being near water.

However, before you proceed, there are a few things you should consider. Though kayaks are quite safe, they require good canine behavior and some balance to stay upright.

Before you plan to take your canine companion out on a water adventure, it’s important to consider the following:

What the water does to your dog: It is well-known that dogs don’t enjoy water. You may want to think about your dog’s feelings before getting on a kayak with him. You want to avoid him being nervous or scared when you’re out on the water. Have you thought about how your dog feels about water?

To get him used to water, bring her for a walk in shallow water before getting on the boat.

Dogs may be safe on kayaks as a general rule, but they do require a few additional safety measures when on the water. Take care to ensure that your dog has a flotation device that fits and is comfortable. Additionally, it is imperative that you keep your dog on a leash and under your full control at all times.

For your first few trips, you should take extra care if you are inexperienced. You should begin by kayaking on water that is calm and shallow.

What Features Do You Need in a Kayak for Your Dog?

Choosing a kayak is the first step to good canine kayaking. As an owner of a frequently traveling dog, it is important to consider his wants and needs when making a decision.

Start by picking a kayak that’s steady.

While on the boat, your dog is likely to have difficulty remaining perfectly still, so you should ensure that your kayak can handle his movements.

For added stability, a kayak outrigger may be worth considering (more on outriggers in a moment).

Find a layout that’s both comfy for your dog and that includes a removable seat for extra legroom. Be sure to seek out sufficient storage for treats and water toys. Your weight and your dog’s weight are other factors to bear in mind. Persons of larger girth and dogs may encounter issues because some kayaks have a weight limit of 300 pounds.

A strong body is essential for canine kayaks. Choose a durable option to withstand the nails and teeth of your dog.

If you pick a reliable inflatable kayak and keep your dog’s nails short, your pup can still come along on your next adventure. For optimal performance, you may also want to consider the type of kayaking excursions you’re planning on doing, such as ocean voyages or white water rapids, which may not be possible with an inflatable kayak.

DIY Kayak Platforms and Outriggers for Dogs

Interested in taking your dog’s kayaking comfort to the next level? DIY kayak dog platforms are a popular option among kayaking dog owners because they give your furry friend some extra legroom.

Building a platform requires basic woodworking skills, but it’s not very hard.

In the simplest terms, the design behind this kayak mod is to enlarge the back of the boat and give your dog a place to relax. The new kayak deck he installed is perfect for taking naps and soaking up the sun.

In contrast, a kayak dog outrigger provides your pup with additional stability and room to stretch their legs. While an outrigger is a small boat that can be poled to your boat to help it maintain its balance, an outrigger is also a kayak that extends the hull of your kayak and provides more stability for you.

After that, you can nestle your dog into the middle of the connecting poles, providing them with some elbow room and better balance.

Personally, I believe dogs, rather than cats, are the most common household pet, although they are becoming less and less common as a consequence. This is why I believe the question of traveling with a dog should be considered.

There is a huge market in dog kayaks, and it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for one…

Here’s what to look for when choosing a kayak suitable for dogs …


If you have a larger dog, you would probably prefer something a little more stable.

You will usually tip over the kayak when you least expect it if it is too responsive. If the kayak is too sensitive it will tip over.

It is generally true that taking a larger dog with you can make paddling more difficult, especially for inexperienced paddlers.

If you, on the other hand, choose a kayak that comes with too much stability, it may become difficult to maneuver through rough waters even if it has more stability.

Are you an experienced paddler?

When you go kayaking for the first time, it is important that you work with a kayaker who is skillful.

It is important if you are just getting started in kayaking to go on calm water and in shallow areas, especially if you have never done it before.

It is not just the strength of the current that should worry you; also keep in mind that the water temperature is also an important factor.

How energetic is your dog?

You should make sure the kayak you choose is stable enough to ensure your dog does not tip it over, regardless of how tall or how active he is.

How large is your dog?

When you are considering to buy a pet kayak, one of the most important things to consider is the weight of the kayak.

There are some people who would consider it unreasonable to spend large amounts of money on a quality kayak if you have a very small dog.

In the case of a bigger dog, you’ll want to take into account the maximum weight capacity of your kayak.

In the same way that a dog’s weight increases as it grows, your kayak’s weight will also increase, and as a consequence you will have a heavier kayak in turn.

A kayak for your dog needs to be easy for him to take a seat in, but you don’t want it to be overly rigid because if he is a big dog, you might end up tipping over.

Is your dog trained?

It is well known that dogs are not as comfortable around water as humans, which is why they do not handle it well. Humans, on the other hand, take water very well.

We have to remember that dogs are unpredictable and can cause a great deal of panic to a person. Hence, it is very important to be aware that a dog can affect your stability too.

Regardless of whether or not you plan to partake in water-based activities such as whitewater rafting or canoeing, you’ll need to ensure that your dog’s safety.

Getting your shoes to be water resistant is important in the event you are likely to be near water frequently or prone to being exposed to water often.

Wearing rubber soled shoes in the case you dont want to get wet is a good idea in the event you do not want to get wet at all.

In the event your dog is so large, it might be wise to get something larger and/or more stable in order to prevent tipping over.

There is less risk of a sit-on-top kayak tipping over, since it is often either a tandem model or a sit-on-top kayak.

You’ll need to give special attention to your pup when you take them out for the first time if they are not experienced kayakers.

How important is it that your pets be near water?

Taking your dog on a kayaking trip is bound to affect the manner in which your dog behaves towards the water.

You should know that your dog’s love of swimming will probably make him enjoy a kayak.

It may be hard for you to get your dog to get on a kayak if it has a fear of the water.

In general, the deeper the water, the less calm it is believed to be, and for this reason is perceived as the case.

As an illustration, it is clear that if you have a dog that is not accustomed to being in the water, you will not be successful in getting that dog to ride in a kayak.

It is more important to notice the signs of readiness before you take your dog into the water, not just the one in which your dog is excited and nervous at the same time.

In the event that your dog does not feel comfortable in the water, then he would pose a danger to you.

If that child refuses to behave or sit still, then it is impossible for you to get any work done.

Investing in a life jacket for your pet is a good idea.

When you own a dog of your own, you should strongly consider purchasing a dog life jacket that will not only provide safety during times of high, but also eases the burden of finding an affordable dog life jacket.

If your dog is a fairly large dog, will the owners let him swim freely? If he is a very little dog, will he be allowed to wear a bathing suit in the water?

If you’re going on a watercraft that includes a doggy life vest, make sure it’s going to fit correctly on your dog so that he’ll be able to swim.

This list below includes some of the best kayaks for dogs available in the market today.

Lifetime 10 foot Tandem Kayak

It is recommended that you buy the Lifetime 10 foot Tandem Kayak with Paddles for two people and two dogs.

Whether you kayak alone or with a buddy, there is nothing more enjoyable for kayaking, particularly if you are experiencing the experience in a two-person tandem kayak.

A kayak that is the perfect size for taking your dog with you on your next kayaking excursion is the Canopies Kayak.

Although the tank is lightweight, it is extremely durable and reliable. It will help to clean and maintain the water in the lake, pond, river, and stream areas.

There are several advantages of the Sport Angler 100, including its deep V-hull, which guarantees you excellent stability and tracking, regardless of the weather factors. The Sport Angler 100 is available in several sizes, from 8 feet up to 18 feet.

The foot rests can be adjusted in several different positions, so it can accommodate people of different heights comfortably in this kayak.

The boat is made from high density polyethylene which is resistant to flaking, cracking, and peeling at the same time that it resists fading and cracking similar to kayaks made of lower quality materials.

I can assure that you that these inflatable kayaks are the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to spend a day out on a boat with family and friends.

There is adequate foot space and multiple seating options for total comfort on long trips with this kayak. Everyone can find a place that is comfortable for them and their families.